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Gold Needle Radiofrequency


Gold Needle Radiofrequency

Gold needle fractional radiofrequency (Golden needle RF) application is one of the most popular applications in the world, which is used for skin rejuvenation. Basically, in this application, radiofrequency energy is directly transferred into the skin by selecting the depth at which we want to apply, thanks to a head with pure gold needles at the end and the console on the device. Thus, by stimulating the skin with radiofrequency energy, it is applied to renew the skin, tighten it, shrink the pores, make it shiny, lighten the color of it, reduce lubrication and sweating.

In Which Situations Should A Golden Needle Be Preferred?

Gold needle fractional radiofrequency (Golden needle RF) application is used in the treatment of many skin defects. Some of the gold needle application, which has a very wide usage area, is as follows:

  • Treatment of burns and scars
  • In the removal of cracks due to weight gain or pregnancy,
  • In the elimination of signs of aging,
  • In the elimination of fine wrinkles,
  • Correcting the appearance of the neck, jowl and decollete areas,
  • In the treatment of acne and scars,
  • In the removal of bruises around the eyes,
  • In tightening the pores,
  • Correction of areas where form loss and sagging are present in the body,
  • You can prefer gold needle application in areas such as removing skin spots.

Advantages of Gold Needle Radiofrequency Application

There are many applications for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Your doctor should decide which method should be applied and it should be applied by a specialist doctor. The advantages and benefits of gold needle radiofrequency application compared to other skin renewal and rejuvenation techniques can be listed as follows:

  • No flaking, crusting or peeling occurs on the skin.
  • It can be used on all skin types and skin colors.
  • It does not have side effects such as swelling, bruising and redness.
  • It is a short-term procedure that does not require surgery.
  • From the first session, easily noticeable positive effects are observed.
  • The person who is treated can continue his daily life immediately.
  • It is an application whose effects on skin renewal and removal of imperfections have been proven by scientific studies.

How is Gold Needle Radiofrequency Applied?

First of all, your skin is evaluated and your skin type, the way the application is going to be done, the number of sessions you need, the number of shots and the skin depth map are drawn. After your detailed treatment plan, our skin is anesthetized with the application of local anesthetic cream. After cleaning your skin with antibacterial solutions, golden needle radiofrequency application can be started. From the computer screen of the gold needle radiofrequency device, the depth at which the gold needles will give the energy, the time that the gold needles will give the energy to the skin, and the number of shots to be made are selected. All layers of your skin are stimulated by changing the depth from deep to the surface and applying radiofrequency to all layers of your skin. To give an example, although it varies according to the application area, the Golden needle radiofrequency application device descends to a depth of 1.2 cm with 64 gold needles in a short time of 0.1 second and applies 50 watts of radiofrequency energy. Thanks to this device that can pinpoint in this way, the application is very controlled. During the application, approximately 1000 shots are made to the entire face and radiofrequency energy is given to more than 25000 points.


Your Curiosities

Gold needle is one of the non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods. It tightens the skin, rejuvenates it, makes it look more lively and bright. It also removes blemishes, tightens pores, and eliminates acne pits.

Men and women of all ages who need facial rejuvenation can have a golden needle. Gold needle is also effective on deep or raised acne scars from puberty.

The area to be applied and the number of sessions are determined according to the skin structure of the patient. In general, 3 sessions are recommended, but if there is severe acne scar treatment, it can be extended up to 6 sessions.

The results of the golden needle application are permanent for a long time. It is necessary to apply sessions consisting of at least 2-4 sessions. It will be effective to follow the plan created by the skin specialist for long-lasting results.

It has no harm or side effects other than the redness that occurs.

Gold Needle Radiofrequency prices vary according to the application region. As the application region changes, the price will also change. You can contact us for more information.

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