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Non-Surgical Body Shaping


Non-Surgical Body Shaping

The non-surgical body shaping method reduces fat cells and increases muscle cells with its intense focused electromagnetic system and RF energy transmitted under the skin. You can achieve a tighter skin with non-surgical body shaping application. You can get rid of unwanted regional fat in your body, strengthen the abdominal muscles and build muscle without the need for exercise. With non-surgical body shaping, you can achieve a tighter skin.

Areas Where Non-Surgical Body Shaping Application is Effective

Non-surgical body shaping application, which can be applied to the whole body, is mostly effective in the following parts of the body;

  • Abdominal,
  • Hip,
  • Arm,
  • Inner leg and
  • Outer leg

Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Shaping Application

The non-surgical body shaping method, which is effective in making your body lines more prominent, has many benefits. These benefits are;

  • Provides skin revitalization and softening
  • Tightens connective tissues and shrinks subcutaneous fat cells
  • It destroys cellulite in the body.
  • Ensuring visible thinning in problem areas
  • It activates the lymph system.

How is Non-Surgical Body Shaping Applied?

A total of 6-8 sessions are applied twice a week, with the RF energy transmitted under the skin by the intense focused electromagnetic system. Being a reliable approved system, there is a decrease in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass.


Your Curiosities

With the non-surgical body shaping application, your body is reshaped and tightening occurs.

People who have more than normal fat mass in their body, women who have sagging after childbirth and people who have unesthetic deformations in their body for any reason can benefit from the body shaping method.

A total of 6-8 sessions are applied twice a week.

Non-surgical body shaping prices vary according to the application area. As the application area changes, the price will also change. You can contact us for more information.

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