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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)


Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetics or blepharoplasty; It is the process of surgical correction of signs such as bagging, discoloration, sagging upper lids and eyebrows, and bagging, and streaking on the lower lids, which usually occur due to aging. Alcohol and cigarette use, sleep problems, sun rays, and air pollution also allow these effects to increase even more. Eyelid surgery in Turkey is very inexpensive with the finest quality at our clinic also under the supervision of  the best and most experienced surgeon Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas 

Techniques Applied to Eyelid surgery in Turkey

Eyelid plastic surgery can be examined under two headings as upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery. Techniques of upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty operations differ.

How is Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

When planning upper eyelid aesthetics, the patient’s forehead and eyebrows are examined in detail. During the examination, the movements of the eyelid are examined. If there is any asymmetry in line with the routine movements of the eyelid, it is detected. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. For the muscles that need to be removed from the patient’s eyelid, incisions are made from the fold line and the skin is stretched.

How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

There are 2 methods for the lower eyelid;

Lower eyelid incision (subsidiary) applied from the outside of the lower eyelid

The name of this technique is generally known as subsilier. With a small incision made just below the eyelash structure, the excess parts of the under-eye bags can be removed. If necessary, stretching can also be done.

Transconjunctival (without incision) applied to the inner surface of the eyelid

The patient group in which this technique is preferred appeals to the younger age group. The reason is related to the fact that the excess tissue in the skin part is not stretched and removed. Drawings are made to determine the technique to be performed before the surgery. Precautions are also taken to prevent damage to the cornea of ​​the eye during the surgery. If there is laxity or loss of elasticity in the eyelids, or if the places of the eyelids are not compatible with the face and do not look natural, the eye can be shaped by changing the location of the canthus.

For the lower eyelid, the cheeks are also evaluated during the examination. If there are spots at the same time as under-eye bag aesthetics, laser or peeling is recommended as an alternative treatment. With the help of an incision made under the patient’s eyelashes, the fat packs are slid towards the eye sockets and the tired appearance is removed. The sunken image under the eyes is improved. Doctor selection is very important.

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Your Curiosities

Blepharoplasty allows you to achieve a younger appearance by removing sagging skin and excess muscle tissue and stretching the tissues around the eyes.

It is generally applied to people over the age of 35.

Recovery for eyelid aesthetics usually occurs in 1 week.

As a result of good care and a successful operation, it maintains its effect for many years.

Eyelid aesthetics is a simple operation that takes about 1 hour.

Although it is very rare, there is a risk of bleeding during or after the operation. Therefore, choosing a doctor is very important.

Blepharoplasty prices vary according to the technique applied and your eye structure.

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