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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty-Nose job)


Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty-Nose job)

Nose aesthetic surgery (rhinoplasty) or sept rhinoplasty, in other words, is applied to correct the external appearance of your nose while solving breathing problems. Septo means the inner part of the nose, rhino means the outer part of the nose and plasty means giving shape. Sept rhinoplasty, as the name suggests, is the process of shaping the inside and outside of the nose, giving it a new appearance. In addition, rhinoplasty in turkey is an operation that is effective in solving breathing problems and allows us to breathe more comfortably, evaluated by a specialist rhinoplasty and tested with a simulation program.

Nose Aesthetics Success

The success of rhinoplasty depends on your surgeon as we have the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, as well as on the preoperative planning applied by your surgeon. With the planning done, both the success of the surgery and patient satisfaction increase. There are some points that you should pay attention to when choosing a surgeon, which are very important. These points are;

  • The experience of the plastic surgeon in the sector and the resulting expertise.
  • The ability of the plastic surgeon in this regard.
  • The confidence that an aesthetic surgeon gives you.

We need to avoid rushed decisions when choosing a plastic surgeon. Although the surgeon has a long period in the sector, the important point here is how well he has mastered the anatomy of the nose.

In order to get the most important result in rhinoplasty, the patient must undergo a comprehensive examination before the operation. It is important that the body is ready before the operation. That’s why certain tests are done. With the simulation program, the most suitable technique for the patient is determined. In this process, you should definitely inform your doctor before the surgery about any medication you use, and your allergy status. At this stage, the most suitable nose shape for you is decided and the possible result is shared with you.

Nose Aesthetics Applied Techniques

There are two techniques used in rhinoplasty operations. These techniques are;

Open Technique: Open technique application is a technique suitable for patients with nasal tip problems, deformity, and advanced bone curvature. The biggest advantage of this technique is the wide viewing angle. All bone and cartilage structure in the nose is completely visible. The incision process in the open technique is a major factor in not preferring the open technique. It is a technique that does not leave traces according to the dexterity of the surgeon.

Closed Technique: The closed technique, also known as scarless nose surgery, is mostly preferred for problems such as reducing the nose, removing the bumps on the nasal ridge, and correcting the crooked nose. The operation process, which is performed using general anesthesia, can take 2 to 4 hours. It has fewer side effects compared to the open technique. At the same time, the healing process is shorter and more comfortable.

Things to Consider Before and After Nose Aesthetics

Before Nose Aesthetics

The patient is making some changes in his life before the nose surgery. These changes;

  • Smokers should quit smoking
  • Drinks such as herbal tea and alcohol should be avoided.
  • Blood thinners should not be used.
  • The face of the patients who will have surgery in the summer months should be protected from the sun’s rays.
  • In this period, since proper nutrition will accelerate recovery; A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins should be consumed and vitamin supplements should be used.
After Nose Aesthetics

The recovery process after rhinoplasty is divided into 3 periods. The period covering the first week covers the early period, the mid-term covers the first 2 months, and the late period covers the first 1 year. The recovery period after rhinoplasty is 1 year. In the first week of this 1-year process, care should be taken not to do heavy work along with some eating habit changes. More soft foods should be consumed and cold and hard foods should be avoided. You should not use cigarettes before the surgery and after the surgery. You can consume more protein-rich foods. You should not do sports for the first 6 weeks, you can walk after 6 weeks, and you can do sports after 8 weeks. Again, these conditions should be decided under the control of your doctor according to your recovery status.

How is Nose Aesthetics Applied?

First, the patient’s face analysis is done; skin quality, thickness, strength of cartilages, and airway patency are evaluated to avoid any breathing problems after surgery. The patient undergoes a detailed examination and the simulation program is carried out. With the simulation program, the most suitable technique and nose structure for the patient is determined. A Rhinoplasty operation is performed while the patient is under anesthesia. Rhinoplasty operation may take 2-4 hours depending on the surgeon and the patient.


Your Curiosities About Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the shape of the nose and make the most suitable nose structure for the patient's face. It is applied to eliminate the appearance of the arch in the nose, low nose and correct the angle between the nose - forehead or nose – lip. Deformations such as nose width, nose fractures and asymmetric problems in the nose are other reasons to apply nose aesthetic.

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and does not have any problems preventing surgical intervention can have rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty operation is a permanent application and shows its effect in the first 1 year.

Nose aesthetics does not have any harm, but it has some side effects. These side effects are; scarring, pain, swelling, numbness in the nose can be listed as.

Rhinoplasty prices vary from person to person according to many factors. You can contact us for more information.

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