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Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning (V line)


Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning (V line)

Non-surgical cheek thinning is performed by melting the cheek fat, which we call Bichat or Buccal Fat, through the mouth, which does not require any surgical intervention, applied with a non-surgical cheek thinning device. Non-surgical cheek thinning treatment is an oral procedure. Radiofrequency heat is used in the application. With the radiofrequency heat, the Bichat fats in the cheek area are melted and the cheeks are thinned. With the cheek thinning method, which lasts for 15 minutes for each cheek and 30 minutes in total, a visible thinning of the cheeks and V shape is aimed. Compared to the bichectomy cheek thinning method, it is easier and gives the same results, making non-surgical cheek thinning more preferable.

Bichectomy? Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning?

Advantages of Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning Application

Bichectomy also provides a better appearance to the face, just like non-surgical face thinning. The difference between them is that bichectomy is a surgical intervention and it is more difficult to apply than non-surgical face thinning. Advantages of non-surgical cheek thinning application;

  • Since the non-surgical cheek thinning process triggers collagen production, it rejuvenates the facial expression and tightens the skin.
  • It is more cost-effective than bichectomy and is completed in a shorter time.
  • As in the bichectomy application, wound, swelling, bruising etc. after the application. side effects are not observed. You can continue your daily life where you left off.
  • While there are risks such as mid-face collapse and sagging after permanent fat removal with bichectomy, problems such as tissue reduction and sagging are not experienced in the V line non-surgical cheek thinning application.

How is the Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning Method (V line) Applied?

The non-surgical cheek thinning method applied through the mouth is performed with disposable mouth probes. With the help of the mouth probe, heat is applied to the cheeks and thinning is achieved. As the non-surgical V line application is not a painful process, anesthesia is not applied. It is generally applied as 3 sessions, each session lasts 30 minutes and there should be 7-10 days between sessions.


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In the non-surgical cheek thinning process, oral treatment is performed to melt the fat on the cheeks. Thus, the person has more attractive facial features.

The non-surgical cheek thinning process is applied in 3 sessions, each session being 30 minutes.

Non-surgical cheek thinning application has any side effects. No harm has been detected in the V line application, which has no side effects.

It is a suitable method for every person over the age of 18 who does not want to be operated on and complains about the fat on the face and face. Besides; It should not be applied to people with thin and narrow cheeks, people with skin diseases, pacemakers and stent.

V line application is a permanent application.

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