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Treatments made with fillers, injections, and various devices to eliminate wrinkles and skin roughness because of aging are included in the category of non-surgical aesthetics. With non-surgical aesthetic treatments, you can achieve painless beauty by continuing your daily life without a break. Applications in the category of non-surgical aesthetics;


Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin Injection is an extremely easy, comfortable and painless aesthetic treatment applied during the day. It is effective in the treatment of wrinkles that occur due to excessive use of mimics, genetic factors, or aging. It has many goodeffects besides wrinkle treatment. These effects;

In addition to removing wrinkles on your face, it is also effective in shaping your face. Botox allows your face to look younger.
It can prevent excessive sweating.
It is also used in the treatment of migraine and muscle disorders such as cervical dystonia.

Lip Filler

Lip filler is the treatment of clarifying, beautifying and plumping the lip line with the help of injections and cannulas into the lips. The lip augmentation process, which is applied without the need for surgery, aims to make thin and voluminous lips look fuller. Hyraluronic acid fillers are used in the process. Which type of filler will be preferred depends on the lip shape of the patient. With lip filler we can address and attain;

A more attractive smile and
You can achieve aesthetic appeal.


Consisting of the initials of the words platelet rich plasma, PRP is the process of injecting the blood taken from the patient herself through various processes and injected into the body. PRP, a platelet-rich plasma treatment, is used for hair loss and skin rejuvenation applications. Prp treatment has many benefits. These benefits are;

It prevents hair loss.
It is used in the treatment of pain.
It is used in the treatment of orthopedic diseases.
Allows skin rejuvenation.


Mesotherapy, which is a non-surgical aesthetic and beauty treatment, is divided into 2 different types in terms of application. These are hair mesotherapy and skin mesotherapy. Mesotherapy, which contains mostly vitamin C, contains various vitamins and minerals. In the application of mesotherapy, various vitamins and minerals are applied to the middle layer of the skin by microinjection. Mesotherapy application is used in many treatments. These treatments are;

Cellulite treatment and regional slimming
Hair treatment
It is used in the treatment of various skin diseases and scars.

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