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With aesthetic surgery, it is aimed to eliminate congenital or acquired deformities. The main aim is to achieve a better image. Here, the main aesthetic surgery treatments;


Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty), which is highly preferred by female and male patients, is an operation performed by a rhinoplasty surgeon to solve problems such as the current appearance of the nose and breathing. Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty in medical language, is mostly applied for the following reasons;

Correction of nose shape
Straightening the bridge of the nose
Correction of the tip of the nose
Breathing problems

Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of injecting fat cells taken from a certain part of the body in order to provide fullness in the face and various parts of the body. By correcting the deformations on the skin with the fat injection technique, a more aesthetic appearance of the skin is achieved and more aesthetic transitions are obtained. As a result of fat injection;

Skin quality improves.
More aesthetic and smooth transitions are obtained.
The aging process slows down.

Breast Surgery

One of the most preferred aesthetic operations is breast surgery. Breast tissue, which is an important part of women in terms of aesthetics, can undergo changes with age, weight gain and loss, birth and breastfeeding. Breast surgery operation consists of enlargement, reduction and lifting operations for the needs of the patient. Breast surgery is mostly applied to the following people;

For those with underdeveloped breasts.
Sagging due to weight and age after pregnancy.
For people with very large breasts
It can also be applied to people under the age of 18 if it creates very big problems.

Face Lift

Face lift operation helps to solve the problems that occur with aging and cannot be solved by treatments such as botox and fillers. It is effective in removing skin folds in the jawline and neck area that appear after a certain age. Face lift surgery is performed in order to change this image that causes discomfort in the person. Along with face lift surgery;

Sagging in the face area is eliminated.
Sagging and wrinkles around the eyes are removed.
Sagging in the neck area is eliminated.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is the general name of aesthetic procedures applied to the eyelid. With eyelid aesthetics, the sagging skin seen on the eyelids is removed with excess muscle tissue. A youthful appearance is obtained by stretching the tissues around the eyes. Eyelid surgery is generally applied in the following cases;

Bags on the eyelids,
Color change,
Wrinkle and
The problems of loosening and sagging on the eyelid.

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Problems that occur in the ear due to congenital or subsequent causes cause a lack of self-confidence in the person. In ear surgery, patients commonly apply with prominent ear complaints. In addition to prominent ear complaints, ear aesthetics is performed in this situations;

Ear anomalies and
It is performed with ear detachment operations.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation; It is a natural and permanent solution used as a solution to the problem of hair loss, thinning and baldness. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the patient’s own back area to the hairless area by microsurgical methods to areas where there is no hair. The aim is to regain the person’s natural hair appearance. Advantages of hair transplantation;

Provides you with natural looking hair
Applicable to both men and women
After the hair transplantation treatment, your hair will not be shedding again.

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