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With medical skin care, which is applied by a skin specialist, the skin is deeply cleansed, nourished and, if applied regularly, makes rejuvenation possible. Medical skin care is carried out in accordance with the skin type of the person. People who will apply for medical skin care should definitely not put on make-up before coming. Even if make-up is applied, it should be cleaned before application.


1. Step
Cleaning the Skin
Firstly ski is cleaned with Cleansing Foam which is a lotion that prepares skin for the professional skin care. Afterward it is poured on palm to form a foam. This foam is then spread to entire face equally and massaged for a couple of minutes. After massage foam is rinsed away.
2. Step
Peeling is done with our Instant Painless Peel product to the sterile skin. Instant Painless Peel is an enzymatic peeling that helps skin cleaning.
3. Step
Cleaning the Remaining Peeling
No peeling left over should remain on face. This procedure is performed with Cleansing Lotion.
4. Step
Diamond Head is attached to our skin care device . Our purpose with Diamond Head is to create peeling effect. It should not be used around the eye. After entire face is peeled the next step can be taken. The important thing here is that dry faces should avoid this technic.
5. Step
Scrubber Head is attached to the device. This attachments goal is to clean the oil under skin, dirt layers, blackheads. It needs to be applied especially on T area.
6. Step
Chemical Peeling
Chemical Peeling is usually performed to face and neck for skin rejuvenating, scar treatment, acne spots, fine wrinkles. The most used materials in Chemical Peeling are; Alpha-Hydroxy acids(AHA) Beta-Hydroxy acids While some of these products accelerate skin peeling, some stimulate collagen production.
7. Step
Spray Head
Our Spray Head contains Ozon. Our aim on this step is to spray oxygenated anti-bacterial solution to cleansed and peeled face. Thanks to this skin and deep skin clearance is performed and bacteria growth is prevented.
8. Step
Applying Vitamin C
Gel Vitamin C is a 2in1 mask that can be applied to over pigmented skin. Gel Ceramide is a 2in1 mask that is developed for use of environmentally damaged skin.
9. Step
Iontophoresis Head
Our aim with radio-frequency beamed by iontophoresis head is to tighten the dangled or dangling skin.
10. Step
Ice Head
On this step we use our device’s ice head. It should be set to maximum. Cold should be applied for 3 minutes to entire face. Our purpose here is to prevent redness yet to be formed or already formed. It has a fresh and calming effect on side of so mentioned benefits.
11. Step
Led Therapy
Led Therapy is a technic that allows skin to repair itself just like the other methods. Led therapy’s good side is that it shortens the duration of healing. Red, blue, green, yellow diots are used for the process. This light stimulates the collagen tissue under skin.

End Of The Care

At the end of the care, we apply various creams to your skin. Creams applied at the end of the care and their effects;

Lip&Eye Renewal cream targets the fine wrinkles around the eyes due to aging, creates a tightening effect in the applied area.

Silky Moisturizing Lotion is our lotion with high moisturizing feature that we will use for people with oily skin.

Retinol Day Cream: It is applied to the whole face on very wrinkled, old and dry skin. It is an antioxidant-protected, smoothing day care cream with a skin-smoothing, brightening and lifting effect on the skin, against the effects of aging, in the improvement of fine wrinkles.

Factor Mechanism

Blue light; Acne contains Porphyrins bacteria. Thanks to its high affinity feature, blue light is in a wavelength that can kill Porphyrins bacteria. Blue light has a soothing effect on hypersensitive skin.

Green light; It relaxes the skin and takes away its sensitivity. Suitable for combination skin types. The green light targets the cells that produce melanocytes. It prevents the production of excess melanin and prevents melanin from rising to the surface of the skin. It prevents discoloration of existing spots by breaking down the melanin accumulation.

Yellow light; It creates a detox effect by regulating the blood and lymph circulation system of the skin and helps to remove the reddened appearance of the skin. It can be used to suppress early shingles.

Red light; Stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the most important protein used in repairing damaged tissues and replacing old tissues with new ones. It tightens the pores. It is very good in relieving swelling after surgery and in the treatment of prominent wrinkles.

Red + Blue Light Combination; It soothes oily skin and severe acne-prone cases by applying red and blue light together. It allows the skin to react more effectively with two different pulse modes that allow the treatment to take effect quickly.


Your Curiosities

With the medical skin care applied by the skin specialist, skin cleansing, feeding and rejuvenation processes are carried out.

Since there is no chemical application, anyone can have medical skin care.

Medical skin care is an application that should be done regularly. It varies according to the skin type of the person. It is recommended to have it done at least once a month at intervals of 21 days.

Medical skin care application makes daily skin care more effective.

It does not have any side effects or harm.

Medical skin care prices vary according to your skin structure. You can contact us for more information.

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