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Professor Doctor Suleyman Tas

Professor Doctor Suleyman Tas considers success as his principle.

Being a World-Wide Plastic Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Suleyman Tas has published more than 50 International Scientific Publication. He arranged Live Surgical Rhinoplasty Curse more than 5 times. No matter how much experience the reader has he made them masters on the best rhinoplasty application using his own book named” Clinic Rhinoplasty: Algorithmic Approach To Modern Surgical Technics”.

Dr. Tas has wrote 2 book parts, won The Best Plastical Surgeon Prize more than 5 times. He has been subject to the media several times because of his impossible operations that require advanced microsurgery such as Total Face Reconstruction, Arm Replantation, Foot Replantation. He has been invited to 100+ congress as speaker and lecturer. His has many “Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Europe and Turkey Board certificated” instruments.

Dr. Tas has devoted himself to the science, art, aesthetic and his patients.

With 15+ years of experience and 10.000+ successful plastic surgery operations, he is now seeing his patients in his private clinic. At the same time, he is teaching medical students as a Prof. Lecturer and his fellows still support education.

In high school, he was 3rd place in Tubitak Physics Olympics. In the University exam, he showed great success making a degree in Turkey classification. He studied at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine(ÇAPA).

Wanting his dreams to come true he made his Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Department master’s in Trakya University Faculty of Medicine. He succeeded in many surgeries and was successful.

He went to Belgium Gent University, Coupure Centrum, and St. Lucas Ziekenhuis Hospital as a fellow and took place in aesthetic surgeries, breast surgeries, micro surgeries, and gender swap operations.

He presented his thesis on “The Effects of Single and Combined uses of Siklosporin-A and Deferoxamine on Ischemic Injuries on Rat Spoon Island Flab Seconder Venous Ischemia Model”

He developed a technic named “A new Antihelixplasty Technic: Proximal Based Dermo-Fasciopericondrial Flap” to prevent repeat and seam opening in Prominent Ear Surgery and was 2nd place in a contest held by Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association.

In order to get a validation of his Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Master in Europe he took 2 step European Board of Plastic. He took a written exam in Thessaloniki and a verbal exam in Brussels. Being succeeded in both exams he took the validation.

Prof.Dr. Suleyman Tas contributed to the translation of 2 books on Face Rejuvenating Surgery and Microsurgery. (Fascial  Plastic Surgery-Basic Guide. Part 6:  Anti-Aging and Microvascular Surgical Atlas-Anatomy and Operative Technics Part VI: Thigh Region)

Thanks to a technic applied for the first time in Turkey Gender Swap is not a nightmare anymore and Dr.  Tas has contributed to the study. Made great surgical operations and made a name in the media. Seeing going abroad to follow the current developments as a hobby Dr. Tas has scientifical articles in journals abroad and in Turkey, congress presidency, and speeches. Currently has a role of referee in Aesthetic Surgery the most prestigious journal and European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS)’s publish organ “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” journal and editor in an international journal “Plastic and Aesthetic Research”.

He continued practicing as an expert in the Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of Rize Education and Research Hospital, making impossible operations such as the recovery of organs using patients’ own tissues in finger rupture, foot rupture, arm rupture, and breast cancer operations. Thus making a name in media.

Dr. Suleyman Tas was chosen National Delegate by European Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Research Council.

Dr. Suleyman Tas was deemed worthy of The Best Presentation Prize (Fifth Bergamo Rhinoplasty Congress-“Luca Ortelli Video Awards”) with “Management of the open roof after hump removal without osteotomy in narrow bonny vault” by  World Rhinoplasty Community in Italy. Dr. Tas’s this project is published in, one of the most prestigious, PRS journals as an original article.

Dr. Suleyman Tas Served at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Faculty of Medicine Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department as Assistant Professor.

Dr. Suleyman Tas has won the first place prize in an Expert Research Contest held by the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association (38. National TRPCD Council-Expert Research Contest.). Prize Winner Study was based on Fixation of Alar Base Retraction in Skew Nose by cutting

Levator Labii Alaque Nasi”. This study took place in, one of the most prestigious journals in the US, Annals of Plastic Surgery, and the algorithm he developed is published in “Aesthetic Surgery Journal”. He earned a place in literature thanks to this study.

He has started Tas Aesthetic Surgical Clinic and now currently continuing clinical practice and scientifical studies. He won the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe Annual Congress-Best Presentation Award held by the Europe Rhinoplasty Community in Italy.

Dr. Suleyman Tas won first prize in a contest held by the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association with his study of a new nose tip aesthetic surgery technic (40. National TRPCD Council). The technic is named “A New Technic in Rhinoplasty: Superior Based Transposition Flap”.

His study was published in, one of the most prestigious plastic surgery journals, “Plastic Surgery Journal”. He found a way to protect the scroll ligament that prevents nose tip fall and maintains its elasticity. He passed to literature by this study.

He took Professor Title.

Prof.Dr. Suleyman Tas took a part as an expert in courts around Istanbul and Marmara Region. Had a role in evaluating hundreds of documents.

Currently being a member of Turkish and European Plastic Surgery Association Dr. Suleyman Tas has 50+ international medical articles,100+ international and national speeches,3  patents,5 awards(3 National First Place,2 International First Place),Self Developed Rhinoplasty Surgery Kit and Technics. He is a well-known surgeon around the globe. He is into sculpture and painting  as hobby.

With more than 15 years of experience and succeeded 10.000+ plastic surgery operation Prof.Dr. Suleyman Tas is currently seeing his patient in his clinic and doing his operations in TAS Medical Center. He teaches medicine students and works with fellows as Professor.