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TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic aims a natural but beautiful appearance with the philosophy of “Address for Natural Beauty®”.

TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic works to provide the happiness of its patients at the highest level with the most up-to-date technologies.


We are committed to regular self-assessment and continuous quality improvement of our practice to ensure patient safety, best clinical outcomes, and optimum use of our medical resources.
We believe that our staff are our greatest asset, and we recognize and value the contributions of each member of our healthcare team.
We believe the family is extremely important and vital to what motivates us to excel as individuals and as an organization. We strive to treat our patients and staff as valued and valued family members.
We value your privacy and attach great importance to patient confidentiality. We provide superior privacy and confidentiality.
Each patient has unique and personal characteristics. We are moving forward by preserving and strengthening this structure.
We respect diversity and individuality and put each patient's unique circumstances at the forefront of our clinical decision-making.
We are committed to openness, accurate communication, and accountability. The next steps are foreshadowed with all transparency.
We offer the most advanced aesthetic service available to the patients we serve.
We are committed to providing exceptional, quality education to our patients.


As TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, our vision is to be the leading company that offers innovative and high-quality services in the field of aesthetics. We are moving forward with a patient satisfaction-oriented approach with superior value.


As TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, to provide services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of patients at national and international level.

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“It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company”. 


As TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, our most valuable asset is “human”. This culture forms the basis of our Human Resources policy.

TAS Clinic Human Resources is a department that invests in its employees and provides personal and career development by hiring the right employee with worldwide potential, at the right time, for the right position and the right performance.

We provide superior service in the health sector with a working system focused on “patient satisfaction“. We have always adopted the principle of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our patients. Our employees become experts in their fields, have a sense of ownership, take responsibility, have high communication skills, empathize, and effective team player.

When we hear our employees say “Yes, I love my job”, we know we are doing the right thing!

Making all our employees the happiest employees in the world!

TAS Clinic recruitment processes are carried out in detail by the Human Resources department. Candidates can directly apply for open positions on our website and send their CVs for positions that can be opened. In addition, we work with National and International Human Resources intermediary institutions to touch the lives of more and the right employees.




As TAS Clinic we believe in “Educate people well enough so that they can leave. Treat them well enough that they don’t want to.” We have a theoretical and practice training and development program from the moment of employment.

Employees can receive training that will create additional value for themselves and the business in parallel with their position, and can attend national and international courses, conferences, and congresses.

Business English, Professional Photography, Beautician, Patient Services, Communication Skills, Time Management, Ethics, Industry Rules and Regulations, Equality and Diversity, Occupational Health and Safety courses and trainings are some of them.

Personal development of our employees is also among our priorities. There is a mentor and mentee relationship in our company. With the logic of “Feedback is a gift“, regular coaching meetings are held on an individual basis, and personal development areas are determined and followed.

Book reading and listening Club, English Club, Sports Club, Yoga Club are some of the clubs established for personal development.

Career development in TAS Clinic is directly proportional to the performance and potential of the employee. Career development can be vertical or horizontal. We have positions in TAS Clinic Istanbul and London offices. Our employees also have career development opportunities abroad.

Internal promotion strategy is our priority. If there is no in-house facility, we can also transfer from outside.

Many surgical and non-surgical procedures are performed at TAS Clinic. After medical control, our employees can benefit from gifts, special discounts and special payment plans for the surgical and non-surgical treatments.

TAS Clinic provides its employees with earnings well above the market average. Our employees receive all their earnings through the bank and all earnings are reflected on their payroll. We are a company that we are proud of and rarely use this feature in the sector.

We adopt the strategy of superior wages and benefits to recruit superior talents to our company. Salaries are determined according to performance and potential criteria. Employees with superior performance and potential earn superior income regardless of the year they work. Salary increases are made at least once a year.

We do not work on public holidays in our clinic and all employees use their annual leave. As Human Resources, we monitor the use of holidays.


Employees are supported with side benefits.


Special side benefits for our employees:

  • Logistic Support
  • Lunch Support
  • Free Food and Beverage in the Clinic Refrigerator
  • Scholarship for Children of Employees
  • Personalized Gift on Birthdays
  • Gift Package for Holidays
  • New Year’s Special Gift
  • Personal Care Applications and Products Gift
  • Personal Training Expenses
  • Clothing Support
  • Technological Package Support
  • Marriage and Birth Package Support
  • Yacht Trip Package

Job descriptions of all employees at TAS Clinic are specific and shared with the employee with a detailed timeline.

Employees have success criteria within their influence area. These success criteria address job descriptions. Our success criteria are personal, measurable, accessible, transparent, related to the job description and can be followed monthly.

Superior pay is paid to our top performing employees. Employees can increase their earnings 3-4 times.

In addition, team performance is monitored, and all-inclusive Holiday Gifts are earned in Turkey and abroad based on team success.

The spirit of startup is alive in our company. Employees can always voice their projects that will create value. What Works? What Doesn’t Work? What Needs to Be Improved? meetings are held to listen to the suggestions and ideas of the employees and act. With “I have an idea!” project, our employees can present their original, applicable, and value-added projects.

Employees are rewarded with an additional Instant Reward package for the additional value they show.

TAS Clinic offers a range of fully paid Maternity and Parenting leave options for parents before and after the birth of a child.

It is essential for employees to take regular breaks from work to recharge and refresh themselves. Employees receive paid leave in addition to company paid holidays.

We carefully follow the recruitment processes to improve the special working environment in TAS Clinic. We have a recruitment process consisting of 4 stages. If it is positive, the candidate moves on to the next stage.

  1. Telephone Interview: First contact is made with the candidate in Turkish and English, and their CV is reviewed. It is checked whether it is suitable for the position.
  2. Video Call: A video call is made to manage time and to get to know the employee better.
  3. Physical Interview: The candidate is invited to the office to get to know our clinic better and a face-to-face interview is made. Case Study is done in parallel with the position applied for.
  4. Proposal Interview: Job offers are made to candidates who are found suitable after all these evaluations.

Our internship program is open to national and international candidates. TAS Clinic gives full authority to its interns from the first day, as it does to all its employees. Interns work on projects that an employee can do. At the end of the internship, a job offer can be made in parallel with the performance.